Here is some of what we do…

Life Advantages has been serving the EAP industry as their technology partner for more than 24 years. Our primary product is a proprietary technology platform that we populate with best-in-class content licensed from third parties. We customize this website for each individual EAP and for their prominent accounts. We partner with 50 EAPs, covering over 20 million employee lives.

Website/Content Platform

Personal Advantage is a highly customizable, user-friendly content platform that provides over 15K resources to its members, helping them navigate any major life event with training courses, expert-lead webinars, articles, videos, calculators, legal forms, and much more.

Here are highlights of what Personal Advantage has to offer the member and the EAP:

  • Custom configurations of the site can be created for specific employers or groups within the employer (HR, supervisors, employees, etc.) You might brand a configuration for a large client or create a custom configuration for all client’s supervisors with management tools. We currently manage over 3,000 versions of the website.
    • Student Advantage is a great example of a customized version of our platform. Student Advantage focuses on college life and highlights resources specifically for the modern college student.
  • Proprietary interactive, online resilience-building program, The Resilience Journey, which takes members on a two-hour, introspective journey that helps them enhance the major tenants of resilience in their life.
  • Robust search algorithm that indexes the full contents of all resources, user ratings, and utilization. The search results also offer a multitude of filtering options including type of content and topic (e.g. a user may search for diabetes and then filter for videos under the health topic).
  • Detailed and robust reporting that provides meaningful metrics about site utilization.
  • A comprehensive training library of online, self-paced, soft skill courses and expert-led webinars that offer detailed reports to the EAP and employer, custom completion certificates, access to course history, and course bookmarking to easily resume any course. The Training Center is hosted on a fully customized version of Prosperity, a Learning Management Software (LMS) from Ziiva (, an industry leader.

WorkLife Training Institute 

Our training subsidiary, WLTI, helps our clients offer high-quality, in-person and live webinars. WLTI offers a proprietary library of 200+ topics, and coordinates live virtual and on-site trainings using our 400+ vetted trainers. WLTI manages more than 100 trainings a month. WLTI also creates custom trainings utilizing its extensive list of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

My Coach

This Bring Your Own Coach (BYOC) platform will allow coaches and EAPs to:

  • build programs for common coaching events directly in the application,
  • around topics like smoking cessation, healthy eating, and any other wellness or emotional health topic,
  • and assign content, monitor members’ activities, and engage in secure, asynchronous communication with the member.

The coaching platform is directly tied into the content on our website as well as our SSO product creating a seamless experience for both members and coaches.

Custom Software Solutions

As a technology company, we have been in the unique position to build many custom software solutions for clients over the years to meet the needs of special programs they offer or to help with specific accounts. Following is a brief description of some of the major custom software solutions that we have designed and built for clients in recent history:

  • MommyTrax: robust case management system for maternity assistance. It allows nurses and expectant mothers to communicate securely while the nurse assigns resources to the mother based on various needs and circumstances and the mother’s progress with those resources and tasks are tracked (variation on a full coaching platform).
  • Call-A-Doctor Plus: a complete administration system to manage the sales of a telemedicine product. Includes loading employee census, invoicing, calculating multiple levels of commissions, processing ACH payments to and from the company, tracking accounts receivable and many other features. This platform currently manages 1,300 employer groups, comprising 300,000 covered lives and 1,200 registered sales agents.
  • Behavioral Health Risk Assessment (BHRA): One of our customers created this program and had it clinically validated. It is an online, animated and interactive program that provides risk information in nine categories to the clinician and customized results for the member.