Meet Our Team

Alma Pitchford: The Storyteller
Alma designs and enhances training courses, adding interactivity and media to make training into an engaging experience. After over five years working in Higher Education, she’s excited to not have Finals Week looming in the air. A self-professed techie, she is frequently outnumbered by computers or cameras or tablets! A new transplant to Florida, she may say she doesn’t miss the snow – but we don’t know for sure. When she’s not making media or deciding what trainings should look like, she is knitting, gardening, dancing or consuming media (hey, it’s research!)

Elaine Tragni: The Explorer
Elaine served as a Senior Account Executive for a leading national employee assistance program with a diverse clientele of Fortune 100 corporations, universities, law firms, hospitals and healthcare organizations. She efficiently implemented a training department by integrating data systems and branding transition across five company acquisitions. Ms. Tragni applies a strong customer service and solutions-focused orientation to her management role, and consistently provides prompt and competent responses to her colleagues and clients.

Prior to her career in the EAP industry, Elaine worked for over 15 years in the fields of marketing and sales. As an Assistant Director of Sales with a major US and International airline, she managed over 49,000 travel agents as part of a sales promotion program throughout the US and South America.

When she isn’t working, you can often find Elaine cooking at her youngest son’s collegiate football games or for Sunday dinners with her husband and two other sons.The Explorer calls Katonah, New York home.

Erin Griffin: The Interpreter
Erin works on making everything around here sound good and look good, and enjoys peering through her creative and editorial lenses equally. She brings over 20 years of work in communications to the group (most of which have been spent at Life Advantages). She loves working in downtown St. Petersburg, just a few miles from where she grew up (though the city is a lot different these days). When she isn’t working, she is making art, reading books, growing food, and, most importantly, making her 11-year-old laugh.

Kyle Zipp: The Master Builder
Kyle spends most of his time in notepad and databases making sure the websites and software at Life Advantages are functional and optimized, both for clientele and colleagues. Although Kyle has only been at Life Advantages for a couple of years now, he has dedicated more than half of his life to coding. The satisfaction of beginning a project with a few fragmented pieces and ideas to building a completed product started with building LEGO sets as a child. As an adult, his passion for both LEGO and developing advanced software continues.

Lindsay Lippitt: The Wordsmith
Lindsay assists with content and marketing projects, with a focus on writing and perfecting copy with her editorial eye. She has over a decade of experience working as a freelance writer and editor, as well as an educational background helping students improve their research and writing skills. Originally from the Boston area, she traded in long winters for long summers and now enjoys the Florida sunshine. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, cooking, running, and spending time with her family (and cats).

Lisa Hariraj: The Creative Coder
With over a decade of dedication, Lisa brings her artistic skills to the world of technology and views code as a canvas for creativity and innovation. And with a background in Psychology and a desire to inspire and empower others, she brings depth and a human touch to all her projects. She has a remarkable talent for turning abstract ideas into tangible, user-friendly solutions that truly make a positive difference. A reliable teammate, a creative thinker, and a boundary-pushing problem solver, her artist’s eye and a coder’s precision brings our products to higher heights and her multidisciplinary expertise expands our journey toward excellence. Away from work, she enjoys getting creative with all things DIY, hiking, singing, and spending time with her amazing, insightful son.

Mark East: The Visualizer
Mark spends his time taking concepts and ideas and turning them into visual reality. He brings 16 years of expertise in brand and corporate identities, web design, advertisements and sales collateral for professional services, high-tech industries and promotional events. In his spare time he is chasing around his son introducing him to 80’s movies (Star Wars and Gremlins are his favorites) and doing home improvement projects with his wonderful wife.

Mark Fehrenbach: The Tinkerer
Introducing Mark Fehrenbach, a Florida-based coding enthusiast with an insatiable passion for tinkering and learning. From disassembling gadgets to deciphering code, Mark’s journey is defined by a relentless curiosity and dedication to learning the mechanics of technology.

Mark Schoder: The Facilitator
Prior to starting Life Advantages in 2000, Mark’s background was primarily working as a researcher and investment banker on Wall Street focused on the health insurance industry. His key strength was analyzing opportunities that would provide innovation in the industry and determining which companies had the culture and leadership to take advantage of such. His main focus now is to evaluate new products and relationships that allow Life Advantages to create programs and partnerships that best serve the needs of its current and future customers. Mark has a wonderful wife of 45 years and two self-confident sons in their mid-thirties.

Michele Lewis: The Concierge
Our resident ray of sunshine, Michele has a laugh that makes Mondays almost tolerable. After whipping a string of other offices into shape, she found herself semi-reluctantly doing the same at Life Advantages (this series of wrong turns started when she married Pete, our Architect). However, after a number of months of putting her editorial, organization, and communications skills to work, she thinks we may be salvageable after all. Other than being married to Pete (and mom to their two boys), Michele wants you to know she lived in Savannah for six weeks, graduated happily in the middle of her high school class (not higher, not lower), and has managed to have the best dogs that ever lived. Maybe that series of wrong turns were right, in the end.

Pete Lewis: The Architect
Pete is responsible for finding new and innovative ways to implement and update Life Advantage’s many product offerings. He has spent over 10 years focusing specifically on the technological aspects of the EAP industry. When he is not looking at a computer screen, he is busy teaching his two sons how to play the guitar and drums as well as taking long walks on the beach with his wife and bragging to his family in Philadelphia about how much better the weather is in Florida. Oh, and he also wanted to make sure you knew that he graduated from Syracuse University.

Peter Loui: The Late Shift
If your email gets answered after 10pm, it’s from Peter. The first official Life Advantages’ employee, Pete prides himself on amazing customer service and a keen eye for catching the mistakes the rest of the group make. When he’s not updating site content and running reports, he’s in the Gulf of Mexico on an endless search for the one that got away.

Tim Dunn: The Actualizer
Since 2009, Tim has handled daily operations for client and staff support here at Life Advantages, and is currently COO. Prior to that, he was a mental health counselor on a residential adolescent Psychiatric unit at UMass Medical Center, Manager of a child abuse shelter for The Salvation Army, and an AEMT first-responder.

A career change into IT provided an opportunity for about a decade of international work & travel which brought him to a dozen+ countries as the Operations Director and Project Manager for a corporate services firm. At home, Tim and Melissa have 4 boys and can usually be found on a soccer field, basketball court, or hockey rink cheering them on.

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